Shiny New Year 2024 — Philadelphia, PA

Come aboard, we’re expecting you!

Sci-Fi Syndicate Travel cordially invites you for a pleasure cruise* on the Reliance-class Shiny New Year star liner. Shiny New Year is the flagship of Clarion Cruise Lines and operates out of the Philadelphia Interstellar Spaceport providing convenient connections in and out of the sector. There is a free shuttle to and from the Spaceport and the Clarion landing pad.

Party like it’s 2024!

In preparation for the Year of the Dragon, this Shiny New Year cruise will be celebrating like it’s 2024! You’ll have your choice of plated dinners, mid-evening snacks, and a champagne toast when we cross-over the interstellar date line. Dance the night away to music from across time and space. Bring cashy money to acquire libations throughout the journey and to participate in our raffle and auction!

Aim to misbehave!

Ssshh — our cruise director wants you to know that this event is Independent-friendly. We’re hoping that Browncoats from around the ’Verse come on board aiming to misbehave! Reunite with old compatriots and make new allies — friends that could last a lifetime. But be careful — Alliance agents have been spotted in the area so be on the lookout!

Look at the pretties!

There is no dress code for this cruise, but guests are encouraged to come as fancy as their wardrobe budgets allow. Modern formal and semi-formal attire, especially cocktail and black-tie, are always appropriate. Outfits with Western and/or Asian themes add a delightful twist. Costumes inspired from across the ’Verse are next level and usually admired by all passengers. The Shiny New Year crew plans to award prizes to our best-dressed attendees! (All outfits must cover and conceal any naughty bits. Naked is not a costume!)

We depart on and arrive on .*

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